Wednesday, February 18, 2009

New to Blogger!

Well now.....

I thought I would give this blog site a whirl. I have another one on Livejournal, but thought I would try another site and compare the two. Let me post from something I had a few days ago on the other blog.....

I finally was able to head to this Bible Study that started a few Thursdays ago that I was invited to. The subject was on "Blind Love" and told the story of Jacob and Rachel. Before the video part though, the groups would talk amongst themselves about the homework they had days before. Since I was new I didn't have much to say on it so I was just observing and listening. One lady had a comment that stuck out for me. Since we were talking about love, we got to unconditional love and how God loves us unconditionally. But the comment she had was that she didn't know how to love God back. She was talking of the physical sense I think, like you love your family (hugs, kisses and so forth), but you can't love God like that. A few of us mentioned the verses that recalled - loving someone else, you love God. This brings me to my thought of the day.

We are all a part of God, not saying that we ARE God. What I mean is that we are created in His image, He created us. Which means to me........If you love your wife or husband, you will love God. If you love your kids, you will love God.......If you love your neighbor, you will love God.......If you love the guy who cut you off this morning on the way to work, you will love God......If you love the teenagers who play their music too loud, the person who takes the last item off the shelf as you were reaching for it, the student who acts up and disrupts the class, the elderly person that is just walking too slow in front of you, the cop who just wrote you a ticket, the boss that just chewed you out....and yes, your parents...YOU WILL LOVE GOD!


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  1. Great Post!!
    Are you doing a Beth Moore study? Love her!!